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How Do You Configure a Custom Sectional to Fit Your Room?


Whether you choose a grand chaise lounge or a hefty recliner, the custom sectional loses its charm if placed in a slightly wrong angle and makes your room look clumsy. Placing this furniture in the right position is vital to making the room comfortable, clutter-free, and ensuring enough space for people to walk around without stumbling against a jutting sofa edge. For the sectional to be placed at a good position of the room, you need to work out the living room layout efficiently, and this needs some tricks.

Here are some tips to help you start afresh at your living room arrangement, without having to rearrange the pieces now and then.

Map Your Living Room Layout

You don’t have to be an architect to graph your room’s design. Roughly indicate the doors, windows, other pieces of furniture like coffee tables, end tables, TV stands etc. However, you must provide approximate dimensions and current positions of all those artifacts. This will be helpful later when you rearrange the pieces after placing the sectional.

Decide the Focal Point

A custom sectional sofa is the next big thing besides the focal point of your room. Deciding the spotlight of your living room is entirely personal preference.  It could either be the large and exotic fireplace or your new life-sized LED TV.  If you have a country house and do not have a TV, but windows opposite to the fireplace, the middle area could be the center of attention.

Place the sectional Opposite the Focal Point

If you have a fireplace or a TV stand, place the sectional opposite to it. In case you have a window facing the hearth, arrange the sectional pieces in between them. That way, you can leave enough space for smooth traffic flow and reduce the clumsiness. However, if you got an L shaped sectional for your small apartment, thrust it into the corner. It is the most space-savvy idea.

Arrange Remaining Furniture

Once you are done, get back to your coffee table and end tables first. Place the coffee table on a rug as the centerpiece to maintain the continuity of the large sofa. Place the end tables on either side of your custom sectional sofa and then move on to pieces like showcases and small décor items.

The trick behind a classic living room arrangement is to choose a custom sectional that fits your existing décor. For this, you need to investigate the variety and find out what works perfectly for you. All World Furniture offers an exclusive range of fabric and leather recliners, chaise lounge, sleepers, sofas with day beds, five pc settees, and much more. Look at our catalog, and I am sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.


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Selecting the Perfect Color for Your Custom Sectional Sofa


Selecting the right custom sectional sofa color does not simply add interest, it creates the illusion of space, marks the theme of your living room décor, and above all, decide on the maintenance factor depending on whether it is a dark or light shade.

If you are having trouble in choosing the right color or made a decor faux pas by using a black sofa against blue walls here are some really good ideas, you can pick and use to play with shades.

Color Play

While many people prefer black and white for a sectional sofa, the rising trend of introducing new and fresh shades has taken over the population. And why not? When colors can do so much to make your living room a completely different place, playing a little with them gives your space a new theme altogether.

Go Grey

Grey sounds dull, doesn’t it? Well maybe, if it is a party dress. But for sectional sofas and living room set up grey is a classic favorite. Choose a soft plush gray to match the graphic rug and the grooved walls. Grey also looks great with wooden floors polished with dark walnut.

Or Maybe Regal Red?

Choose a velvet or fabric custom sectional sofa in red to contrast beautifully with spotless pristine white walls. They have a stunning contrast effect. However, don’t overcrowd the living room when you have an overpowering color on the sofa. Keep it simple with just a small coffee table that replicates the geometric shape of the sectional and a simple and minimal TV stand. Any exaggeration will make the room look cluttered.

Go On a Matching Spree

For a buoyant lifestyle, colors like red, purple, green, and yellow do well when paired with similarly painted walls. You can take this over the top gorgeous green combination and make variations with velvety blues, reds or even pinks (if you are planning something extraordinary). This décor theme is especially fresh and fun for newly married couples or those who have little kids.

Light Blue for Simple Modern Set Up

Choose light blue or pink beige when you have a small space, and you are getting a minimalistic custom sectional sofa color. Though white is a common option, these colors work well with light or dark shaded walls and even with a lack of space, you can develop a pretty good concept for your living room. Discard the thought of dark upholstery. It makes small rooms appear clumsy.

Going Conventional

Even if you are not nuts about going colorful and stick to the timeless brown (cappuccino or espresso) or a neutral grey, there is no harm in doing that in style. Brown and black sectional sofas look good when they are austerely sharp-edged and clean in design instead of bulky and curved.  

For more ideas on style and colors, you can visit All World Furniture’s exclusive Custom Sectional Sofa Collection and find the masterpiece for your living room.

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4 Alternative Clever Uses for a Credenza

The credenza is one of the most popular contemporary furniture pieces today. It owes its popularity to its versatility as much as its functionality.  You can use a credenza literally anywhere in your home and it will still compliment the room. Many home owners prefer to use it in their living room while others use it in their dining space especially when they want to use as a buffet or curio.  As I said, being a versatile piece of modern furniture, credenza can accommodate any space at your home easily, enhancing your personal spaces.

Being a multi-tasking furniture piece with loads of storage space for your household essentials, it brings to your home décor a certain level of depth and elegance and allows your to personalize your home decoration that stands out and gets noticed.

Some of the common uses of credenzas include, if not limited to, book shelves, entertainment center, buffet, and curio. However, the role of a credenza can vary depending on how creatively you can use it in a specific setting.

Here are some tips on using a credenza creatively in your home to add elegance to your home décor.



1. Credenza as Media Center

Using credenza as an entertainment unit in living rooms is one of the popular ways you can go with.

To use it as a TV lounge, you should look for a credenza that matches with the setting of your living room walls. Choose a beautiful and stylish credenza and then keep the TV aligned at its center.

The cabinets and drawers in the credenza offer ample storage space for your DVDs, BluRay discs, or any other accessories meant for the TV. If you want to spice of the lounge, put some decorative items on the credenza. Moreover, you can also fill in the room left at the either side of the credenza by placing some vases, lamps or candles.


2. Credenza as Anchor

Being a multi-purpose storage unit, credenza presents a great opportunity for use as an anchor in any room creatively. However, here is a caution – keep in mind the size of the room in mind before you invest in a credenza if you are particularly interested in using it as an anchor in a specific room of your home.

If you already own a credenza that looks smaller compared to the room size or wall, then you can use matching lamps on either corners of the credenza. Don’t stress a lot on accessorizing too much or it will look cluttered. Just keep it simple and create a minimalist design.

Use the wall above the credenza tastefully. You can choose from any wall hanging decorative items or modern art works that suit the credenza.


3. Credenza as Sofa Table

Some home owners prefer to keep their credenza behind their couches or sofas. This helps them to hidden storage space while offering them a platform behind the sofa to display decorative items or lamps. While following such a style, be sure to consider the other furniture pieces in the room. Also, see that the color of the credenza match or sit in contrast with other furniture pieces in your living room.

4. Credenza as Curio

The best place for storing dishes is credenza. With its elegant styles it performs double duty. It is elegant furniture item for storing bowls and dishes etc. Place a nice pair of large size lamp or vases to make space more pretty. Accessorize it with modern knickknacks. Place a few slender candlesticks at one end. Now you are done!

Although credenzas are designed to be used mostly as living rooms, many creative home owners defy the rules beautifully and use them as buffets and curios in the kitchen room to showcase their dishes or bowls.

If you are going down this route, make sure to use two large sized lamps or vases at either side of the credenza. Also, you can accessorize it with your knickknacks to make improve the aesthetics of your credenza.

Hope you find these ideas useful for your home. If you are looking out for a credenza, be sure to check these out.

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The Rich History of Sideboards and Buffets

Modern Sideboards & Buffets by All World

Sideboard, also known as buffet, is a piece of furniture commonly used in dining room of every household.

Sideboards are mostly used to store dining room essentials such as cutlery, dishes, glasses and more. Typically, they have drawers and cabinets and a raised back, often with a mirror set into it.

If you’re looking for quality sideboards made from Mahogany, Oak, and Pine from leading manufacturers, take a look at these options.


The History of Sideboard

The sideboards have a very interesting history. The sideboard is believed to have entered into a dining room in the 16th Century. Prior to its invention, shelves and narrow tables used to be a predominant way of serving food.

However, sideboards and buffets became increasingly popular across the European continent, and by the late 18th century, they were beginning to appear in the British dining rooms as well.

Today, modern sideboards and buffets are used at a variety of places including living room, bedrooms and halls.

Types of Sideboards

 18th Century Sideboards18th Century Sideboards

The sideboards in the late 18th century used to have curved tops and thin, tapered legs. This meant they had much larger storage space on the sides than on the middle, which made them look like desks.

Victorian SideboardsVictorian Sideboards

Victorian sideboards carried the unique styles and decorations of the Victorian era. They used to be large, heavy and equipped with a lot of storage space. They used to be unique and fashionable with mirrors built right into their vertical panel behind the display surface. Moreover, they had organic patterns and decorations of mythical scenes with Egyptian, gothic, classical details.

Chinese SideboardsChinese Sideboards

Chinese Sideboards were popular during the Victorian times as well as in the 20th century. They featured perpendicular lines and had circular or rectangular iron/bronze hinges and pulls. Moreover, they used to have a black or reddish glossy finish.

Rustic SideboardsRustic Sideboards

The middle class families during the 20th century possessed fashionable and heavily ornamented sideboards while people in the rural areas would have smaller sideboards made of out oak or pine. They were simple and didn’t have as many noticeable features. Some of those furniture pieces can still be found today.

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