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Super Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

Small-space living has never been more popular with tiny houses, micro-apartments, and urban studios all the rage.

Smaller spaces mean smaller kitchen although it happens to be the place where great things happen to live on a daily basis.

But this is no reason why we should give up on making our kitchen the most beautiful place and storage solutions for small kitchens

To be honest, with some great space-saving storage solutions for small kitchens, nearly all kitchens can transform into a great place in your home.

So here are some kitchen furniture storage tips that can help you come up with wonderful storage solutions for small kitchens.

Use a Rolling Cart 
There are a few kitchen appliances we don’t really need very frequently. They often sit in a tiny kitchen consuming space that could otherwise be used for more pressing requirements. This is where a rolling cart could come extremely handy.

Use a rolling cart to carry appliances like a blender, toaster oven or small microwave into the kitchen and out just when you need them.

You could go for rolling carts specifically built for kitchen space, and they usually have ample storage space in the form of shelves, drawers, and countertop.

Invest in Kitchen Curio Cabinets 
Kitchen curio cabinets are an extremely useful piece of furniture to store kitchen cutlery in a safe and secure manner. Apart from saving spaces in your kitchen, they also help you display your favorite kitchen items in style.

If you are wondering which kitchen curio cabinet will be suitable for your kitchen, take a look at these options and choose the right one as per your need.

Procure a Pot Rack and Knife Rackspace 
If your cabinets are already full, you can use the walls to hang knives and other kitchenware.

Use hooks or shelves to mount them on the wall and keep them within your reach. You can choose from the many wall mountable knife racks. Similarly, you can go for a pot rack to hang your cookware in style.

Optimize Space on Your Island 
Many homeowners tend to ignore the potential storage space their island can offer. In other words, they are often some of the most forgotten space-saving solutions for small kitchens.

Small kitchen owners can always think of creative ways to use additional space around their island. For example, you can build a warming drawer at the side of an island or it can be a great place wine storage.

Under-Island Storage
Islands are some of the most underutilized spaces in the kitchen.

With keen observation, they allow ample space to store many of your kitchen items that may be unnecessarily sitting at the countertop.

If you have a tiny kitchen with not much space available for the island, go for an island that has room underneath. The additional room can be very useful for storing your stools when they are not in use.

Install Wall Mountable Faucets 
If you have a small kitchen sink which often gets crowded with large pots and dishes, a regular design for the faucet can be quite inconvenient for use. You want some free space around the sink but the faucet above it would block the space.

To overcome this issue, you can think of installing wall-mountable faucets which can be bent out of the way, making the much-needed space for the kitchen sink.

Buy Pint-size Appliances
Often we invest in larger kitchen appliances than we require. This can consume space unnecessarily. Unless you cook for a larger family, there is no point in buying a large stove or dishwasher. Always consider the space in your kitchen while looking at any kitchen appliances at the store. A small dishwasher or stove can save much space in your kitchen.

Hope these space-saving storage solutions for small kitchens ignite your creative imagination. If you find any other corner of your kitchen that could potentially save space, let us know in the comments below.

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5 Essential Modern Office Amenities

The office furniture you use in your industry or trade has a great influence on your clients and customers and decides the kind of impression you have on them. Few decades back office décor was not much of a concern and people concentrated only on necessitates. However, in the current scenario selection of adequate and the right fixtures has become essential not only for comfort and a suitable working environment but indirectly plays vital role in enhancing the productivity and the quality of work.

In a place like San Jose where small and large companies are scattered over the city, the choice and type of office furnishing matters a lot. Although the warehouses of modern furniture in San Jose are packed with numerous office accessories of different genres and utility, few of them are inevitable.  Below are 5 essential furniture items which a modern office cannot do without.

The Perfect Office Desk

This is the basic requirement even before you think about starting an organization. However, the issue is not about getting a desk for use, but the type of desk you should get which will provide increased functionality. Mostly, it is a wise decision to go by the size of your work space. If you have a large office space choose larger desks but if you have a smaller place it is better to go for a smaller one. In some cases, a larger desk is a better option in case you have a printer and you need extra drawers to keep your office supplies and files at hand since you do not want to give up space for a file cabinet. Choosing a multi functional desk increases your accessibility and speed since you have an organized work space.

An Ergonomic Chair

Office chair though basic is the most important piece of artifact which directly affects your productivity. You need to take utmost care while selecting it. Finding an ergonomic chair will help you concentrate more on your work rather than worrying about the discomfort you are facing and also save you from the aches and soreness that result from being seated in an awkward posture. Find chairs that feature adjustability in height, back rest, arm rests and tilt position. Chairs with built-in lumbar support are a great choice. Make sure it has a swivel function and the seat and back have a width and depth that fits your body shape perfectly.  Wheels on in chairs improve your ease of access.

A minimally Designed Printer Stand

Even though printer stand is an optional furnishing artifact, a simple yet highly functional one is necessary when you have small desk or the table top is equipped with other articles which need to be within immediate reach. Choose with good storage capacity so that you can keep extra cartridges and papers. In case you do not use the printer frequently opt for a small portable wheeled stand so that you can push it inside a closet when not in use.

A File Cabinet With Ample Storage Space

If your work involves a lot of paperwork and documentation, which does in most cases, you cannot sigh away from the fact that you need a file cabinet with liberal storage capacity. Get one with multiple drawers or one that is segmented with many shelves. This will help you store all the important documents systematically. Keeping the files in an organized space will help you find them instantly later when you need them without going through the frustration of searching every nook and corner.

A Composite Wall Unit

Wall units serve a variety of purpose. Choosing a multipurpose can help you accommodate some books, extra office supplies like papers, clips, staplers etc. Apart from these you can place pictures and other décor items to add a personal touch to your work space.  Wall units save you from clutter and if you have small cabin, these are extremely space-savvy.

Be it a sophisticated high-tech multistoried organization r a single floor office space, you simply cannot do without these basic office amenities. We at All world furniture, one of the established and reputed modern furniture stores in San Jose deal extensively in all the necessary office equipments like chairs, multi-purpose desks, file cabinets and highly practical wall units. Over the years we have successfully become one of the largest and recognized modern office furniture stores in the bay area catering to the furniture requirements of a vast population.

 Shop our Office Furniture collection here.

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Smitten by Tufted Furniture? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Tufted furniture is one of the hottest trends in the furniture industry today although it’s been around for a long time. Everybody is coveting to acquire one of those couches with tufted back or bed with a tufted headboard. To cater to this burgeoning demand, furniture manufacturers and designers have come up with interesting patterns in tufted furniture that capture the fancy of many savvy homeowners.

The popular fixation on tufted furniture can be easily attributed to various elements such as comfort and finishing. However, some just want to display tufted furniture as an accent piece in their living space.

But before you are swayed by the universal fascination for this latest furniture design, it pays to learn as much about the trend as you can, especially if you’re planning to invest in some.

So let’s enter the world of tufted furniture.

The Making of Tufted Furniture

In order to achieve the tufted appearance on the surface of furniture, layers of fabric, filling and paddings are stitched together by a strong thread which pulls and secures the layers the fabric or leather to create depressions or dimples on the surface. More often, the layers are secured by a knot, button or ribbon to give it a subtle effect. The process creates raised surfaces that are known as tufts.

Furniture manufacturers use tufting on a wide variety of furniture, most notably couches, chairs, ottomans, and headboards. Tufting can be done on furniture upholstered in fabric as well as leather. Although technically, tufting is known to be a traditional style found predominantly in classic furniture design schemes, it has been reinvented by designers to match the contemporary furniture pieces as well.

Shape, Style, and Structure of Tufts
As opposed to traditional tufting patterns, the modern designs are more versatile and can offer a wide variety of effects including elegant, flirty and masculine. Whether you choose a particular pattern over the other depends largely on the mood you want to create in your living space. This will guide the selection of fabric or leather, texture, shape, and color to create the specific tufted furniture you want. You should keep it in mind if you are going for customized tufted furniture for your home.

Why Tufted Styles are Employed
The popularity of tufting as a furniture design idea can also be attributed to the fact that it stands out and adds dimension to an otherwise plain surface. The tufted surface is a departure from the rest of the surface area in furniture which makes it eye-grabbing, to say the least. It offers creative patterns to the surface of the furniture with its high and low points. This is one of the reasons tufted furniture especially sofas and headboards look gorgeous when highlighted by overhead lightings. A furniture piece can have tufting all over its surface or just in parts. It really depends on what kind of design you want to achieve in the process of tufting.

Why Diamond Tufting is Popular

Tufting can be created in a variety of shapes and patterns. Diamond Tufting, also known as True Tufting or Biscuit Tufting, is one of the most popular tufting patterns in the modern furniture manufacturing industry today.

Diamond Tufting patterns typically have square-shaped depressions on the surface highlighted by deep pleats that are situated 6-8 inches apart from each other. The surface of furniture needs to have sufficient length in order to create this effect. Moreover, the furniture surface requires more fabric to create and hold deep tufts together.

If you’re custom ordering a couch or chair with Diamond Tufting, make sure you keep these points in mind.

Button-back Upholstery

Some furniture may have button-back upholstery – a design pattern that resembles the tufted upholstery scheme. Nevertheless, the two are very different when it comes to the process employed. Unlike true tufting, the process of creating button-back upholstery involves stitching only the top layers of padding of the surface with no visible depressions or pleats between the tufts.

Some people prefer button-back upholstery over true tufting because it retains the original design/pattern of the fabric. Button-back upholstery, when used with buttons in contrasting solid color, can help enhance the lines of the furniture.

Tufted furniture can be further accessorized by nail heads, decorative braids or welting based on a specific style of the furniture.

Shop our Modern Tufted Furniture Collection here.

Tufted Headboard

Headboards are among the many furniture pieces where tufting is being predominantly employed these days. So much so that even the platform beds can now be seen with fabric or leather tufted designs. Tall and tufted headboards add elegance to the overall appearance of a bed and become the focal point of a bedroom.

There is a huge range of fabrics and tufted headboard patterns available starting from silk to velvets to leather to natural looking fabric. But you should go with the one that complements your bedroom.

Although tufted headboards are elegant and enhance your bedroom, they are not free from disadvantages, particularly when it comes to maintenance. The crevices in the depressions can accumulate dust and therefore, require routine cleaning.

Some Tips before You Embrace Tufted Furniture

The tufting patterns in the modern day are quite different from traditional styles. For offering your tufted furniture a contemporary twist, go for contrasting buttons or welting.

Although tufted furniture looks modern and posh, keep in mind that it also comes with hard surfaces because of the tufting itself. If you’re looking to use a piece for everyday use, you might want to reconsider having tufted upholstery.
Sometimes a tufted back on chairs may not be suitable to everyone. In such a case, you should use a plain pillow for back support.


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10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Bedroom without Breaking the Bank

10 DYI Tips to Renovate Your Bedroom

Think offering your bedroom a brand new look is an expensive affair? Well, think again. With the following simple steps, your bedroom will never be the same again. In this post, we’ll share with you some of those inexpensive bedroom renovation ideas. A better bedroom can be made possible within a tight budget. Let’s explore how.

Freshen Your Linens

The simple yet most undermined secret of owning a great bedroom is changing your sheets more often and giving your bed a renewed vigor. Although there are no set rules to how often you should change your bed sheets, you should do it at least twice a week and more if you want to feel great.

Put Flowers on Your Side Table

Flowers on your bedside table is a wonderful and quite inexpensive idea. Imagine waking up to flowers every morning and starting off your day on an aromatic note.

Decorate the Wall above the Headboard
Decorate the Wall above the Headboard

The wall above the headboard is a great place for creative experiments. You can eight hang some art pieces or use wall decals to add a little fun above your bed. There are many bedroom ideas that are ideal for your small bedroom.

Buy New Linens
Lined and Bedding

Bed linens including sheets, pillows, throws, blankets and duvets not only ensure you have your quality eight hours every day but enhance the overall look of your bedroom as well. If you know how to buy linen for your bedroom, it can transform the décor of your bedroom space.

Mind Your Windows

Windows are one of the most underappreciated parts in modern rooms. However, what most homeowners don’t realize is they need little investment and can significantly contribute to the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. So go creative and redo the windows curtains to offer your bedroom a brand new look.

Be Creative with Your Nightstand

Be Creative with Your Nightstand

The nightstand is an important component of any modern bedroom. Invested as a means of holding your bedside essentials, the nightstands have gone way beyond their utility quotient. In other words, they are not a fashion statement in your bedroom and done creatively, they practically detect your bedroom décor.

When the bedside tables bear such significance in our bedroom, it stands to reason that we should go creative with them rather than follow a predictable style. Don’t hold yourself back when you can be creative with a nightstand to give your bedroom an interesting twist.

Let the Lighting Stand Out

When it comes to the bedroom, lighting is paramount. Be it a new lamp for the nightstand or walls, there are many options available for you.  Choose from the fair lights, bedside lights, lamps, chandeliers, dim lights or decorative lights as per your tastes and surrounding of your bedroom.

Repaint Your Walls

Nothing makes your bedroom come alive again quite like the repainted walls and ceiling. Although expensive, it’s totally worth the investment. There are many inexpensive ways to paint your bedroom – you just need to be a little creative and do a bit of research on it.

Choose an Inexpensive Canopy
Choose an Inexpensive Canopy

Let’s face it – canopy beds are expensive. But, the good news is you can build a canopy bed yourself by installing some rods and using the curtains creatively as shown in the picture below. To creative an optical illusion, you can even paint the walls behind the headboard and ceiling above the bed in a unique way.

Make Your Headboard a Little Stylish

The headboard is decidedly the most important part of the bed. It offers you a lot of opportunities to go creative and redecorate it. There is definitely more than one way to build your headboard to give your bed an aesthetic makeover.

A better bedroom is not about budget; it’s about creativity and clarity. So go creative and transform your bedroom into something beautiful.

  • Jacqueline Tat
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