4 Alternative Clever Uses for a Credenza


The credenza is one of the most popular contemporary furniture pieces today. It owes its popularity to its versatility as much as its functionality.  You can use a credenza literally anywhere in your home and it will still compliment the room. Many home owners prefer to use it in their living room while others use it in their dining space especially when they want to use as a buffet or curio.  As I said, being a versatile piece of modern furniture, credenza can accommodate any space at your home easily, enhancing your personal spaces.

Being a multi-tasking furniture piece with loads of storage space for your household essentials, it brings to your home décor a certain level of depth and elegance and allows your to personalize your home decoration that stands out and gets noticed.

Some of the common uses of credenzas include, if not limited to, book shelves, entertainment center, buffet, and curio. However, the role of a credenza can vary depending on how creatively you can use it in a specific setting.

Here are some tips on using a credenza creatively in your home to add elegance to your home décor.



1. Credenza as Media Center

Using credenza as an entertainment unit in living rooms is one of the popular ways you can go with.

To use it as a TV lounge, you should look for a credenza that matches with the setting of your living room walls. Choose a beautiful and stylish credenza and then keep the TV aligned at its center.

The cabinets and drawers in the credenza offer ample storage space for your DVDs, BluRay discs, or any other accessories meant for the TV. If you want to spice of the lounge, put some decorative items on the credenza. Moreover, you can also fill in the room left at the either side of the credenza by placing some vases, lamps or candles.


2. Credenza as Anchor

Being a multi-purpose storage unit, credenza presents a great opportunity for use as an anchor in any room creatively. However, here is a caution – keep in mind the size of the room in mind before you invest in a credenza if you are particularly interested in using it as an anchor in a specific room of your home.

If you already own a credenza that looks smaller compared to the room size or wall, then you can use matching lamps on either corners of the credenza. Don’t stress a lot on accessorizing too much or it will look cluttered. Just keep it simple and create a minimalist design.

Use the wall above the credenza tastefully. You can choose from any wall hanging decorative items or modern art works that suit the credenza.


3. Credenza as Sofa Table

Some home owners prefer to keep their credenza behind their couches or sofas. This helps them to hidden storage space while offering them a platform behind the sofa to display decorative items or lamps. While following such a style, be sure to consider the other furniture pieces in the room. Also, see that the color of the credenza match or sit in contrast with other furniture pieces in your living room.

4. Credenza as Curio

The best place for storing dishes is credenza. With its elegant styles it performs double duty. It is elegant furniture item for storing bowls and dishes etc. Place a nice pair of large size lamp or vases to make space more pretty. Accessorize it with modern knickknacks. Place a few slender candlesticks at one end. Now you are done!

Although credenzas are designed to be used mostly as living rooms, many creative home owners defy the rules beautifully and use them as buffets and curios in the kitchen room to showcase their dishes or bowls.

If you are going down this route, make sure to use two large sized lamps or vases at either side of the credenza. Also, you can accessorize it with your knickknacks to make improve the aesthetics of your credenza.

Hope you find these ideas useful for your home. If you are looking out for a credenza, be sure to check these out.

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