5 Inspiring Ways to Add Color to Your Home


While some believe that the main purpose of furniture is to offer ultimate comfort, the modern homemaker are going beyond the functionality to build a color scheme that is eye-pleasing as well.

One of the most difficult decisions while buying furniture is choosing the right color, especially if you don’t have much idea about the different color schemes that will complement your home décor. Should you buy a sofa and a rug having similar shades of color? What kind of color should your side table be in order to best suit your bed? Questions like these can confuse your choices.

Luckily, the Internet is full of inspiring ideas on how to go about this business. I’d like to share some of those ideas to help you pick the perfect color scheme for your home décor.

Rugs: Area rugs can be a great source of inspiration to conceptualize your color scheme. They are the foundation of your home and often come in interesting patterns to give you an idea of what the rest of your room should look like to create a cohesive décor.

If you want to incorporate different textures in your home décor, your area rug is a great starting point. All you need to do is follow the best practices of using the area rugs.

Fabric: Often overlooked, the fabric in your room can also offer immense insight into the kind of color scheme suitable for your home. Whether it’s microfiber, leather, faux leather, chenille, rayon blend, acrylic or silk, you can always pair something with each of these fabrics to create the perfect symphony.


Artworks: Artworks such as paintings offer ample inspiration to devise color schemes. Since they add depth and personality to your room, you could choose these accent pieces to decide the color of your walls. In such a case, it’s best to go one or two shades lighter to make sure your artworks will pop.


Windows: Window treatment fabric can be the base of your color scheme. Draw from the fabric’s main hues and distribute them cleverly throughout the room including furniture pieces and accessories. For example, in a dining room setting, you could base the color of your windows fabric to decide the dining chairs or table clothes.


Furniture: A piece of furniture, especially accent piece such as Noguchi coffee table or Nelson chair, can be an inspiring starting point to build your color scheme for the rest of your room. If the accent piece- such as your sofa or coffee table- is bold, try to keep the rest of the furniture and accessories around it subdued to create the perfect balance.

Picking the right color scheme for your home requires some creativity. But with these tips you can always take a look around your home to see where to begin and draw inspiration from many things around your rooms.

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  • Jacqueline Tat