5 TV Stand Decorating Tips You're Sure to Appreciate


When it comes to home decoration, living room is probably the most important place for many homeowners among all spaces in a modern home. It’s where we spend quality time with our family and host our guests who build the very first impression about our design taste.

This starts with carefully choosing the sofa that matches our design scheme and then investing on a coffee table as per the surrounding living room furniture pieces.

But many homeowners find tackling the TV stand the most daunting task and understandably so. Decorating around a TV stand is twice as challenging as decorating any other furniture piece in a living room due to the sheer creative approach it requires.

With the following TV stand decorating tips and ideas, you are going to stop treating your TV as an elephant in your living room. Better still, these tips will help you choose your TV stand from design standpoint.

Save Money on Buying a TV Stand – Use a Vintage Buffet instead

Just because you can’t afford a new TV stand doesn’t mean you can’t make your living room look any less trendy.

Use your vintage buffet or old dresser as your TV stand and decorate it a as a media cabinet. You’ll be surprised at how this simple design trick can save you money.

Use an Open Shelve as Entertainment Unit

Use an Open Shelve as Entertainment UnitThere are folks that don’t want to invest in a regular TV stand either for budget considerations or to re-use their old furniture creatively. Either way, it makes a lot of sense.

If you want to blend functionality with style, using open shelving as a TV stand can be a great idea. To begin with, it gives ample storage for your entertainment accessories such as discs, remote controllers and game consoles. If done thoughtfully, this can make your living space look contemporary and unique.

Make Your Bland TV Stand Attractive – Surround It with Arts & Objects

Make Your Bland TV Stand Attractive – Surround It with Arts & ObjectsSome folks want their TV to stand out and show off. If you’re one of them, this trick may turn you off. But for others, this is a wonderful idea.

Create a gallery wall around your TV by hanging decorative objects such as family photographs, abstract arts or any other collection that visually sit well around your TV. The objects could either be symmetrical or free-flowing, depending on the kind of mood you want to create in your living room.

Put a Frame Around Your TV

Put a Frame Around Your TV - If your TV is hung on your wall, accented with wallpapers, you could put a frame around it in a way that gives it a built-in look and matches with walls perfectly. This gives your TV a personalized appearance and blends well with the overall look of your living room decor.

Doesn’t Like Showing Off Your TV? Hide It
While this is not exactly a trick that could help you show off your TV, but it can be extremely handy if you’re crunched for space in your small living room. If you don’t want to decorate your TV stand or just conceal it behind something that adds to the design of your living space, consider one of the following options:

#1 –Hide it behind the artwork

#2 – Cover it with custom sliding doors

#3 – Attach your flat screen TV inside the large coffee table 

With the above TV stand decoration tips, hopefully you should be able to deal with TV in a whole new way.

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