9 Tips on Buying an Ideal Coffee Table



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Life is about choices; mundane to crucial and when it comes to furnishing your house, you are faced with choices galore. Each and every piece of furniture needs attention and coffee table is no exception. So, when you are faced with such countless choices, you’d wish you had some guidelines, right? No worries, here are some tips for you to consider before buying a modern coffee table.

Consider the Space
The amount of space available is the primary factor you need to take into account. Ideally, there should be at least 30 inches space between the outer edge of the coffee table and the TV stand or media cabinet. A little adjustment can be made if you have a narrow room and reduce the space to 24 inches. The distance from the edge of the sofa to the edge of the table should be 18 inches to allow free movement.

Kids at Home
If you have kids, go for an oval or round table to avoid sharp corners. And if you need that extra storage, a table with one shelf or more underneath is a great idea.

Pocket Friendly or High End
Depending on how much you want to spend, you can either shop at high-end department stores or you can skim the flea markets or better still approach the antique dealers for some unique pieces.

High or Low
Standard coffee tables are 16 to 18 inches high about one or two inches lower than your sofa seat. But if you have a higher sofa, consider a one that is 20-21 inches in height. And if you entertain a lot, a taller table will be more convenient, making it easier for guests to set down a glass or a plate.

Balance Your Style
Decide on your style and don’t forget to strike a balance aesthetically. Once you’ve decided on your style- Sleek and modern, Danish modern, Shabby Chic, Traditional Formal, Informal modern or vintage- then finalize the material and color.

Wood, Metal or Glass
If you have a large room, plenty of windows and higher ceiling, wooden table will bring warmth to your room. You can choose from oak, cherry, maple or walnut or even Lucite. On the other hand if your room already has lot of wood, glass or metal table will lend it a sophisticated look. Avoid mixing metals, such as brass with chrome, it might look passé.

Clear and Color
Glass tops are easier to wipe and keep it clean, while other good options would be Lucite and acrylic where maintenance is concerned.
If you choose a colored coffee table, keep in mind to complement it with your other pieces of furniture. Lacquered coffee tables come in various hues and color.

Another aspect to the coffee table is its functionality. Will it be a decorative piece or will it provide storage? Will it be portable? Will it be used for extra seating or as an Ottoman?

Think out of the Box
Choose something away from same old boring. Consider a trunk, an ottoman or a cedar chest as alternatives. You can also consider using several garden stools as your coffee table. To create an interesting look, try a collection of tables, place two sets of identical nesting tables or create one larger table by placing two tables next to each other.

So there you are: use these tips and make a smart choice while buying your ideal coffee table. Shop our expansive coffee table collection here.

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  • Ellon Labana