Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Custom Sectional Sofa


Do you have cats at home which keep clawing at your sofa? Or, kids who are even messier? Then, I am sure you will have a lot of problem deciding the right fabric for your brand new sectional sofa settee.

While leather is a choice for most when it comes to custom sectionals, I think you need to reconsider it depending upon your purpose. Whether your new sofa is meant for décor or is more utilitarian will be the determinant factor for choosing the fabric. Here are some major and common fabric selections which could be the one for you. Take a look and find the best for your living room.


If you have pets at home, Microfiber is just the thing for you. It’s closely woven fibers do not allow hair to stick to it. Moreover, it has a soft and smooth texture which is comfortable for lounging around all day. For families with little kids up their shoulder, microfiber makes a reasonable choice with its low maintenance attributes and easy cleaning procedure.


Leather sectional sofa is all about class, décor and sophistication. While it is a great choice for a place with kids who spill stuff a lot and pets that shed a lot, it is an absolute “no” for homes with pets that have a tendency to scratch things. Leather, though expensive can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Faux Leather

Choose faux leather when you want sophistication within your budget. Faux leather sofa fabric is more resistant to pests and durable compared to actual leather. It is less expensive and is as soft as leather and definitely a great substitute for leather.


Chenille is softer and elegant in appearance. It is also more durable than most other sofa fabrics available. So, it satisfies both décor and utility of a sofa without undermining any of them.

Rayon Blend

Rayon when mixed with fabrics like cotton, wool or silk, it becomes soft and comfortable. To some extent a rayon blend fabric is also durable until and unless it is exposed to tedious wear and tear. However, it is mild dew and fade resistant. If you do not have much use for a sectional sofa except for décor, then rayon blends prove to be an economic choice.


Get an acrylic fabric sofa if you want a cost effective yet commendable settee. It is durable, wrinkle free, stain and fade resistant.Moreover, it is an affordable choice. You can also lounge in this sofa as its fibers resemble wool and are consequently very soft and smooth to touch.


Silk is a rare choice, nevertheless the richest and most sophisticated option. Select it only if you can afford something that expensive and maintain it. Though quite soft, silk is meant for mild use and not for everyday uses. Choose it for a living room which is rarely inhabited.

Having said this, you can look for yourself and surf through All World Furniture’s Exclusive Collection of Sectional Sofas upholstered in high quality Microfiber and Italian Leather.

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  • Ellon L