Dining Furniture Planning Guide


A dining room can typically accommodate several furniture pieces such as:

Dining table

Dining Room chairs

Curio/Display Cabinet


You may or may not need to buy all of the above furniture pieces based on your current needs and available space in your dining room.  However, many homeowners would go for dining room furniture sets which typically include a dining table and with a set of chairs at the minimum.

If you are going to buy a dining table, you need to consider a host of dining requirements in your home.

What is the structure of your dining room? Is it fairly large for your family? As a rule of thumb, you should go for an oval or rectangular table if the shape of your dining room is rectangular and a square-shape dining table if the dining space is square. Also, consider the quality of the wood before buying the dining table.

Moreover, consider the size and color of your dining room chairs and be sure to choose the dining table that complements the chairs in terms of shape, height and aesthetics.

Here are some more details on how to choose the right dining table.

Caveat: While buying dining tables, don’t go for a thick veneer because it is more likely to lift away from the piece in the long run. It’s fairly easy to examine the veneer just by touching the surface of the table top. If it feels more like plastic and has obvious seams at the connecting corners, it’s a thick veneer.

There is no one size fit all dining table. It’s very important to choose the right dining table to have delightful dining experience every time. And the right size depends on the shape of your dining space and size of your family. This is exactly where this infographic can help you.

dining table size guide

How to Buy Dining Chairs

Some prefer to buy their dining table and chairs separately for reasons ranging from saving furniture cost to customizing their dining room furniture sets.

It’s relatively easier buying dining furniture sets because they are manufactured with specific dining room requirements in mind. However, unless you’re buying a dining room set, you need to be careful about many things while picking the chairs for your dining room.

Consider the following best practices of buying the right dining room chairs.

Check the depth of the seat to ensure that everybody in your family including your little ones is able to sit comfortably in their chair. Make sure their feet don’t dangle because the seat is too deep for them.  While there are no one-size-fits-all chairs for your entire family, you still need to consider buying the ones that all family members find it comfortable to sit in.

Among other key points, you may need to consider style, height, weight and rungs of the chairs before investing in a set of dining room chairs.

Here are some dining room chairs under $200, if you have a tight budget for your dining room renovation.

Dining Chairs Under $200

How to Buy Dining Room Accessories

Assuming your dining space is fairly large there are a number of dining room accessories you can possibly add to make your dining room fully functional and neatly decorated. The dining room accessories are essentially meant to be your storage space to help you serve food and store or display your dishes.

Shop Curio/Display Cabinets

Curio Cabinet – It’s a free-standing display case with a glass front and sides with any enclosed cabinet space. Check out these curio cabinets and buffets above.

Shop Sideboard/Buffets 


Sideboard – It’s essentially a cabinet meant to be used for storing and serving food in the dining area. Typically, a sideboard consists of a wide drawer in the center flanked by drawers and cupboards on either side. Check out the sideboards with storage in the link above.

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