Furniture Stores in San Francisco: Blending Styles in Decor


Did you find that the person next door has exactly the same sofa that you bought yesterday? Or is it that half of your neighborhood has the same home décor style as yours and there is absolutely no distinguishing attribute that characterizes your house design uniquely?

Following a stereotypical pattern of house designing can often be very boring and monotonous.  The same old design patterns will seem bland at some point of time. What you need to do is add life to your living space not just with vibrant wallpapers but with different style genres originating from different regional designs that give rise to a whole new environment theme. At times mixing two different design languages can work wonders.

Contemporary style, especially, when combined with historical design flavors like Italian or French can bring a great difference to the American furniture collection. The vast number of furniture stores in San Francisco teeming with innumerable style décor also holds this unique group of artifacts as a part of their collection. Here are some ancient or modern regional furniture designs when given the contemporary touch prove to be highly functional and unique pieces of artifacts.

Italian Style

The history of Italian design culture speaks more of ornamental and artistic patterns in the field of furniture creation rather than functional ones. During the early period complete focus was given on the comfort and the intricate carvings on décor equipment.

Through the years, Italian furniture architects have evolved their design into a more liberal one by making the article more functional and garnishing the Italian flavor with a splash of contemporary pattern. Modern Italian design popularly known as the Venetian Style is an amalgamation of simplicity and utility coated with a hint of ornamentation through intricate carvings and complex patterns.

Materials used in these furniture items are usually metals, steel, leather, nickel and satin and after the built it is painted black and handles are of silver and pearl colors. Exotic woods like olive and dark walnut serve as the ingredients for sophisticated high-end Italian furniture.  This combo pattern best suits spacious bedrooms and living rooms.

French Style

french styleThis is the most expensive and luxurious style statement. French furniture is made of exotic cherry and rose wood layered with veneers like walnut. 

Customizing French artifacts either with a personalized touch or with contemporary influence is a great idea. Use of colors like antique white, dark oak or black, stone washed grey, can make a bold statement without the use of vibrant colors.

French craftsmanship gives a delicate and subtle look to bedroom patterns with beautiful chests, dressers and beds. If you are the occupant of a sprawling Victorian bungalow and are planning to renovate it, opting for the customized French furniture is the best choice.

Swedish Style

This style is more or less similar to the mix n match concept of décor. Funky, Colorful furniture that is affordable by everyone is the quintessence of Swedish style. You need not buy an entire set up for your living room or bedroom rather you can collect different artifacts and put them together into a unique style.

  Swedish furniture draped in contemporary flavor is a sight savored by most people.  While the retro collections were made from Swedish pine, the modern ones are donned with dark Tola wood.

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