Have a Large Room? Let’s Make it Feel Cozy


What happens when you have a large space to fill? You may find it difficult and feel a bit overwhelmed. No worries, there’s always a solution to a problem.  The first step is to look at your home décor; as it can assist in making small spaces look big, it can make large spaces look warm and comfortable. 

A clever reshuffle of your sofa here and a love seat there can bring in a new perspective to your oversized home.  Skim through some of these tips to bring in snugness into your house.

Paint dark walls make a room seem smaller

Furnishings and accessories can create a visual illusion to make your large space look warm and cozy. Dual tone paint will not only add color to your walls but it will trick you into thinking the ceilings are lower than they appear to be. Ceiling, too, can be painted with darker hues as it will make your room look warmer and feel cozier.

Create zones to make your room feel cozier

With so much extra space at hand, divide the room into different zones.  Use an L-shaped sofa, a console table or a daybed to create different zones.  A tall book case with wing chair can be your reading nook while a love seat with a side table can be your cozy corner.

Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs are versatile enough to be featured in various designs and a great way to provide extra seating when the need arises.


X-benches come close to ottomans when versatility is the benchmark.  It can be used as a footstool; a pair can double up as a coffee table and when the occasion demands, it can also serve as extra seating.  Place a pair of X-benches below your console table, around the fireplace or make it a part of your seating area, they will fit themselves in comfortably.

L-shaped sofas can easily fill a large space and provide comfortable seating.  It can also be used as a division between seating and dining areas.

Coffee Table Alternatives one huge coffee table to fill the space

Do you need one huge coffee table to fill the space or you need a little bit of drama? Both can serve your purpose, a large square or a long rectangular table is a classic choice while an alternative is a pair of oversized ottomans or a group of four side stools or a pair of benches.

Wall Space set your furniture away from the wall

Furniture against the wall is a good idea in a small room but when it comes to large room set your furniture away from the wall, creating a cozy seating.  Once that is done, it is of the essence to dress up your walls.  You may want to place a console table with foot stools or wicker baskets underneath it.

Lighting can provide a kind of warmth you would look for in a large house. Use wall lamps in addition to ceiling lights and decorative lamps that can be placed on the coffee table, console table or near the fireplace.

Layers add character to your room

Layers in the form of rugs, curtains and upholstered pieces of furniture will not only help you cozy up the space, it will give panache and character to your home.

Co-ordinate the furniture, give it a stamp of your style and you have your ideal cozy home with a perfectly cohesive look.

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  • Ellon Labana