How Do You Configure a Custom Sectional to Fit Your Room?



Whether you choose a grand chaise lounge or a hefty recliner, the custom sectional loses its charm if placed in a slightly wrong angle and makes your room look clumsy. Placing this furniture in the right position is vital to making the room comfortable, clutter-free, and ensuring enough space for people to walk around without stumbling against a jutting sofa edge. For the sectional to be placed at a good position of the room, you need to work out the living room layout efficiently, and this needs some tricks.

Here are some tips to help you start afresh at your living room arrangement, without having to rearrange the pieces now and then.

Map Your Living Room Layout

You don’t have to be an architect to graph your room’s design. Roughly indicate the doors, windows, other pieces of furniture like coffee tables, end tables, TV stands etc. However, you must provide approximate dimensions and current positions of all those artifacts. This will be helpful later when you rearrange the pieces after placing the sectional.

Decide the Focal Point

A custom sectional sofa is the next big thing besides the focal point of your room. Deciding the spotlight of your living room is entirely personal preference.  It could either be the large and exotic fireplace or your new life-sized LED TV.  If you have a country house and do not have a TV, but windows opposite to the fireplace, the middle area could be the center of attention.

Place the sectional Opposite the Focal Point

If you have a fireplace or a TV stand, place the sectional opposite to it. In case you have a window facing the hearth, arrange the sectional pieces in between them. That way, you can leave enough space for smooth traffic flow and reduce the clumsiness. However, if you got an L shaped sectional for your small apartment, thrust it into the corner. It is the most space-savvy idea.

Arrange Remaining Furniture

Once you are done, get back to your coffee table and end tables first. Place the coffee table on a rug as the centerpiece to maintain the continuity of the large sofa. Place the end tables on either side of your custom sectional sofa and then move on to pieces like showcases and small décor items.

The trick behind a classic living room arrangement is to choose a custom sectional that fits your existing décor. For this, you need to investigate the variety and find out what works perfectly for you. All World Furniture offers an exclusive range of fabric and leather recliners, chaise lounge, sleepers, sofas with day beds, five pc settees, and much more. Look at our catalog, and I am sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.


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