How to Buy the Right Armchair for Your Home


The main purpose of using an armchair is relaxing especially after a hard day’s work. Sure, it needs to go well with your overall home décor, but for most buyers, their armchair should be extremely comfortable.

Therefore, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while looking for the right armchair for your home.

Just because an armchair looks beautiful doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable for you. Consider your height, weight, your sitting posture, and your center of gravity before investing in an armchair.

Anatomy of the Perfect Armchair

Feel: An armchair is one where you sit for a longer period of time. So it must feel comfortable and create a feel-good factor.

While selecting an upholstered chair or a leather armchair, be sure to check if it has a soft seat and firm support.  If it sinks in too much, you may struggle to get out of it easily. Likewise, if it’s too hard you won’t feel comfortable sitting on it for a long time. Try sitting on it at the store while talking to the sales rep and see if you find it comfortable enough for you. Ideally, each part of the chair should fit you perfectly.

Angle: Consider the angle of the seat while buying an armchair. Although most chairs are higher or lower than 18”, you should preferably pick one that feels right when you sit on it. The perfect ergonomically armchair is the one that lets your thighs rest in a perpendicular position to the floor. Avoid chairs that force your knees to point up or down.

Depth: Not all chairs are built alike; some chairs have seats with greater depth while others have shallower seats. Consider your height while choosing the armchair. If you are tall, one with greater depth will help accommodate the length of your legs. However, if you have short height, look for one that has a seat with shallower depth.

Width: Some people like to lounge around in their armchair. If you are one of them, consider the width of your chair very seriously. Wider armchairs are more comfortable and they can double up as loveseat as well.

Height: People usually use their armchairs to read a book or watch TV. In both these scenarios, you will need a great back, preferably with lumbar support. Having some neck support is also important if you’re someone who sits in a fixed position for a long time. You can go for a chair with a high back. Armchairs with lower back are only meant for lounging and conversation.

Arms: By the very definition, armchairs should have armrests. However, the modern armchairs have evolved in terms of both design and functionality. It’s not uncommon to find armchairs without armrests. Therefore, armrests in your armchair are matter of personal preference.

If you chair has a curved and recline back, you may not necessarily use the arm rests. Similarly, if you’re going to use armchairs for conversation or lounging, you should rather look for armless chairs.  Armrests can be either wood or metal. They can also have padding on the top of the armrests or completely upholstered in fabrics or leather.

Choose your armchair wisely.  After all, the feeling of sinking into a cosy armchair is second to none.

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  • Ellon Labana