How to Buy the Right Console Table


Characteristically versatile, console tables add grace to any space it occupies. This hard working piece is basically a narrow table placed against the wall or sofa. In its versatility, it can be rectangular or semi-circular and comes with 1, 2, 3 or 4 legs. But before you buy this multi-purpose table, read these guidelines to consider a few prerequisites.


Space plays an important role when it comes to buying furniture and console table is no different. Determine the size of your console table in accordance with the space available. Take the measurements of the area before finalizing the size and shape of the table you intend to buy. Above all, make sure there’s enough space left for people to move around once you have placed your console table in its assigned spot.


It’s important to choose the table which matches your decor, that way it will blend rather than be an odd piece.So, be sure to coordinate the color and finish of the wood used in other furniture with your console table.

To match the relaxed Contemporary style which centers on comfort and function,go for sleek lines and modern design.Use rich, dark wood like walnut for a sleek finish.

For rustic setting use rich wood, like oak with lighter finish or painted wood.

For the traditional Victorian era feel,go for wood with medium or dark wood finish. Intricate carving will give it a more authentic look.

For modern look, which is geometric or asymmetrical,metal and glass table with bright colors will accentuate your space.

Transitional furniture is a blend of both traditional and contemporary.B lending the warmth of traditional design with the comfort and clean lines of the contemporary look.

Eclectic style defines the individual style, it’s a free style where mix and match comes into play. So go ahead mix the old with new, opulent with


Think through your budget, consider the amount you are ready to spend. Once you have a figure in mind, it will become easier to make your choice. Console tables are available in varied price range depending upon the material used to create it.


Even though wood is the most popular choice for being strong and sturdy, console tables can be designed in leather and wood combination, metal or glass. It is also available in synthetic material which are vibrant and colorful. Avoid combination with chipboard and veneer and go for solid wood.

Glass or Perspex console tables that are see-through are perfect in small, compact spaces as they will make the space feel larger.

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Do you need it as a storage solution or just for display purpose? Determine the purpose of the console table before buying. This will help you choose the right shape and design. Couch table styles can function as a storage alternative or as a display stand and much more.

Storage: Storage table will come with drawers and shelves. It will provide with an added storage space and make your room clutter free and also leave the table top free to display items. Storage can be either concealed or visible. Concealed storage has drawers, cubbies or baskets while the visible ones have shelves.Storage console tables look great in the hallway and dining room. .

Console tables can be used to store dishes and bowls if used in the dining hall, as a wine console in the living room(Depending on the manufacturer and the design, wine rack console tables can hold a few to more than forty wine bottles) and as a drop station for keys in the hallway. You can use it to store media below the television set in the family room.

Dressing table: Use a console table with a mirror above it as a dressing table in your bedroom and utilize the space below by placing baskets for extra storage.

Desk: A slim console table with drawers can be used as a desk in multi-purpose rooms. If you fit shelves above, it can serve you as a compact study space.

Divider: In an open layout, use a console table to separate the seating area and the dining table.It’s a perfect height to be placed behind a sofa,where you can create a division by setting two large lamps at either end of the table, or use it as a drinks table displaying your wine bottles and glassware.

Dining Table: It can very well function as a spot for extra serving dishes in the dining room and if its convertible, serve as a dining table. There are some console tables that can be converted into a dining table by pulling out flaps. It is a boon for a small apartment and great to have an extra seating if you already have a formal dining area.

Display: If you intend to use your console table only for display purpose, go for designs that will accentuate your space and decor


Decorating the Console Table

On its own console table is functional but add to it aesthetics and it redefines your space while giving character to your personality. A few ways to achieve this are color.

Color: Add color by placing a vibrant vase or a table lamp on top. Where there’s a vase there are flowers, this will not only add color but also beauty to your space.

Assortments: Display a collection of assorted items to give it layers. A tall candle stand beside a short Chinese vase or a beautiful lamp with photo frames.

The Wall: The wall above the table can be decorated with mirror, paintings, picture frames or collections of decorative plates.

You are sure to find a piece that suits your home as the market is filled with a variety of console tables in different shapes and sizes. Let your creative juices flow into making this functional and decorative furniture your favorite piece.

Go on get one.

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