How to Choose the Right Sofa from a Furniture Store in San Francisco


When thinking about decorating your living room, the first furniture that comes to mind is probably the sofa. If your living room does not have a perfect sofa, it won’t look good or feel good even with the most beautiful accessories filling the room. It is this furniture that defines the style of your living room and sets the décor parameters.

So, before getting yourself a sofa or love seat from one of a sprawling furniture store in San Francisco, make sure you know what you want and how you want it to be. Here are some things that you need to consider in your mind before setting out for sofa shopping.


The first consideration that you need to make before entering the sofa section is “What base style you want to use for your living room décor?” Depending on this choice of yours, you will be able to decide on the rest of the factors. For example if you choose a contemporary décor, the colors, materials and the shape will be completely different from that of the traditional style. So, settling on a particular style will help you define the other constraints.


Once you have settled on a particular theme, select the right shape for the sofa or sectional. If it is a large room, a sectional will suit it best, but for a cozier and smaller living space love seats are always a better choice, since they do not make the room feel congested. Choosing a particular shape will change the entire appearance of the room. There are soft couches, sharp edged bold sectionals and the traditional English sofas, each having an aura of its own to suit your personality, lifestyle and taste. However, instead of choosing from the available patterns, you can switch to customized designing thus bringing your thoughts alive.


Selecting the material while buying furniture is a matter of concern since you will not buy furniture frequently. The sofa you get for yourself, should be sturdy and durable to last for a considerable period of time.  Moreover, if you have outdoor living room, getting the right item becomes even more essential. Make sure that you get a sofa which can withstand extreme weather conditions and the sun rays.

Fabric or Leatherette

While choosing a sofa, considering the type of fabric is very essential. If you want to bring a classy and sophisticated look to your living room, elegant leather couches and sectionals are the incomparable options. But if you are decorating your room based on a modern mid-century fashion, then wooden sofas with velvet fabric covered seating is the right idea.


Sofas made of dark oak and bold colored contemporary sectionals perfectly fit a spacious living room, but are perceived as cluttered when placed in a comparatively smaller and enclosed room. Also, the leatherette shade should compliment the wall colors. Darker and bold shades will not look good with dark colored wallpapers. For example if you have creamy wall paper. You should better go for stark yet bold combinations like black sofa with white cushions or shades of maroon.

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