Selecting the Perfect Color for Your Custom Sectional Sofa



Selecting the right custom sectional sofa color does not simply add interest, it creates the illusion of space, marks the theme of your living room décor, and above all, decide on the maintenance factor depending on whether it is a dark or light shade.

If you are having trouble in choosing the right color or made a decor faux pas by using a black sofa against blue walls here are some really good ideas, you can pick and use to play with shades.

Color Play

While many people prefer black and white for a sectional sofa, the rising trend of introducing new and fresh shades has taken over the population. And why not? When colors can do so much to make your living room a completely different place, playing a little with them gives your space a new theme altogether.

Go Grey

Grey sounds dull, doesn’t it? Well maybe, if it is a party dress. But for sectional sofas and living room set up grey is a classic favorite. Choose a soft plush gray to match the graphic rug and the grooved walls. Grey also looks great with wooden floors polished with dark walnut.

Or Maybe Regal Red?

Choose a velvet or fabric custom sectional sofa in red to contrast beautifully with spotless pristine white walls. They have a stunning contrast effect. However, don’t overcrowd the living room when you have an overpowering color on the sofa. Keep it simple with just a small coffee table that replicates the geometric shape of the sectional and a simple and minimal TV stand. Any exaggeration will make the room look cluttered.

Go On a Matching Spree

For a buoyant lifestyle, colors like red, purple, green, and yellow do well when paired with similarly painted walls. You can take this over the top gorgeous green combination and make variations with velvety blues, reds or even pinks (if you are planning something extraordinary). This décor theme is especially fresh and fun for newly married couples or those who have little kids.

Light Blue for Simple Modern Set Up

Choose light blue or pink beige when you have a small space, and you are getting a minimalistic custom sectional sofa color. Though white is a common option, these colors work well with light or dark shaded walls and even with a lack of space, you can develop a pretty good concept for your living room. Discard the thought of dark upholstery. It makes small rooms appear clumsy.

Going Conventional

Even if you are not nuts about going colorful and stick to the timeless brown (cappuccino or espresso) or a neutral grey, there is no harm in doing that in style. Brown and black sectional sofas look good when they are austerely sharp-edged and clean in design instead of bulky and curved.  

For more ideas on style and colors, you can visit All World Furniture’s exclusive Custom Sectional Sofa Collection and find the masterpiece for your living room.

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