Six Tips for Jazzing Up Your Room with Area Rugs


Area rugs play a dual role in your home decoration. On the one hand, they define a specific space inside your room, i.e., living space or dining space, especially if you have a multi-purpose room. In other words, the larger the area rug, the more spacious a designated area looks.

On the other, they enhance your home décor by accentuating the appearance of your furniture and highlight the overall furnishing of your room, offering your décor a complete look.

When the rugs play such an important role, it’s only imperative that you should know the common mistakes and best design practices of using the area rugs in your room.

Mind the Size
When it comes to using a rug in your room, size does matter. Aside from enhancing the overall décor of your room, rugs also make you feel more spacious. However, you need to know the correct size of your rug in order to achieve the best results.

While some home décor specialists recommend keeping all furniture within the perimeter of your rug, others prefer keeping just the front legs of furniture pieces on the top of the rug.

Be sure to factor in the size of your room, the kind of furniture you want to keep within the room before deciding on the size of your area rug.

Don’t Use a Postage Stamp Rug
An area rug is supposed to anchor an entire living room furniture arrangement. So, it should be fairly big in size. Never go for an area rug that only covers the coffee table. An area rug that covers only a specific furniture piece in your living room gets dwarfed by the entire surrounding. It will hamper the overall décor and visual experience of your room.

Mind the Patterns on Your Rug
Patterns of your area rugs play a huge role in how your décor eventually turns out. While looking for patterns, be sure to consider the color and patterns of your furniture pieces.

If you’re going with an all-over repeat or consistent pattern, you have almost nothing to worry about. But if you’re using a rug which has a special design in the middle which stands out, you can’t afford to hide it beneath the furniture.

Mix Patterns of Different Proportions
Before buying an area rug consider the design patterns of the curtains and furniture upholstery. You want the rug to have a pattern that truly complements your furniture and creates an overall visual symmetry in your home.

Select Your Furniture First
When it comes to home furnishing, furniture pieces always come before things like rugs or curtains. It’s wise to choose your favorite furniture first and then look for a rug that matches with your furniture pieces. There is an infinite number of rugs, but there are only a few furniture pieces that fall within your budget.

Use Flat Rug in Dining Space
Some homeowners are reluctant to spread rugs in their dining room, especially when they fear that kids can spill things making it difficult for them to clean it.

However, if you have formal dining space that kids don’t really frequent, try to incorporate a flat rug. 

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