Super Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens


Small-space living has never been more popular with tiny houses, micro-apartments, and urban studios all the rage.

Smaller spaces mean smaller kitchen although it happens to be the place where great things happen to live on a daily basis.

But this is no reason why we should give up on making our kitchen the most beautiful place and storage solutions for small kitchens

To be honest, with some great space-saving storage solutions for small kitchens, nearly all kitchens can transform into a great place in your home.

So here are some kitchen furniture storage tips that can help you come up with wonderful storage solutions for small kitchens.

Use a Rolling Cart 
There are a few kitchen appliances we don’t really need very frequently. They often sit in a tiny kitchen consuming space that could otherwise be used for more pressing requirements. This is where a rolling cart could come extremely handy.

Use a rolling cart to carry appliances like a blender, toaster oven or small microwave into the kitchen and out just when you need them.

You could go for rolling carts specifically built for kitchen space, and they usually have ample storage space in the form of shelves, drawers, and countertop.

Invest in Kitchen Curio Cabinets 
Kitchen curio cabinets are an extremely useful piece of furniture to store kitchen cutlery in a safe and secure manner. Apart from saving spaces in your kitchen, they also help you display your favorite kitchen items in style.

If you are wondering which kitchen curio cabinet will be suitable for your kitchen, take a look at these options and choose the right one as per your need.

Procure a Pot Rack and Knife Rackspace 
If your cabinets are already full, you can use the walls to hang knives and other kitchenware.

Use hooks or shelves to mount them on the wall and keep them within your reach. You can choose from the many wall mountable knife racks. Similarly, you can go for a pot rack to hang your cookware in style.

Optimize Space on Your Island 
Many homeowners tend to ignore the potential storage space their island can offer. In other words, they are often some of the most forgotten space-saving solutions for small kitchens.

Small kitchen owners can always think of creative ways to use additional space around their island. For example, you can build a warming drawer at the side of an island or it can be a great place wine storage.

Under-Island Storage
Islands are some of the most underutilized spaces in the kitchen.

With keen observation, they allow ample space to store many of your kitchen items that may be unnecessarily sitting at the countertop.

If you have a tiny kitchen with not much space available for the island, go for an island that has room underneath. The additional room can be very useful for storing your stools when they are not in use.

Install Wall Mountable Faucets 
If you have a small kitchen sink which often gets crowded with large pots and dishes, a regular design for the faucet can be quite inconvenient for use. You want some free space around the sink but the faucet above it would block the space.

To overcome this issue, you can think of installing wall-mountable faucets which can be bent out of the way, making the much-needed space for the kitchen sink.

Buy Pint-size Appliances
Often we invest in larger kitchen appliances than we require. This can consume space unnecessarily. Unless you cook for a larger family, there is no point in buying a large stove or dishwasher. Always consider the space in your kitchen while looking at any kitchen appliances at the store. A small dishwasher or stove can save much space in your kitchen.

Hope these space-saving storage solutions for small kitchens ignite your creative imagination. If you find any other corner of your kitchen that could potentially save space, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ellon L