Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro


You put your heart into buying that perfect coffee table and you also place it in the perfect location; but there’s more to the coffee table than being just a plain coffee table. You need to decorate it and decorate it right. Here are some quick beauty tips for one of your favorite piece of furniture.

Layer the Top
Larger coffee table can make do with a little bit of layering. A tray on the table will accentuate the table as well as organize it. Use it to showcase your decorative pieces or keep your knick knacks. A vase or a center piece can also be displayed on them.

Something to Read
They aren’t called coffee table books for nothing; place a pretty pile of coffee table books on your table. Choose topics related to film, history and design, they will not only enliven the space but will also prove to be a conversation starter. To give it a finishing touch, lay a few decorative pieces on top of the stack.

Shine up with Metal
Enhance your simple coffee table setting with show pieces that have metallic highlights. A silver bowl or a glass and metal combination decorative pieces will accentuate your coffee table.

Fresh Coffee, Fresh Flowers
Flowers will add a dash of color as well as fragrance to your house. Flowers are a quick fix to enhance the ambiance, so what better way than placing a vase with fresh flowers on you coffee table. Adorn it with ivy, roses, lilies, daisies and ferns to give style and flair to your home.

Light a Candle
Candles in their intricately designed candle holders in wide-ranging design will brilliantly beautify your coffee table. Candles radiate a peaceful aura and these days one can find candles in various designs and fragrance. Not only will they complement your décor but also enhance the mood of your home and add sparkle and sense of festivity. Go for pillar candles with the candle holders or shaped candles that can be placed in the tray on your coffee table.

Not All in a Row
To break the symmetrical monotony, style your coffee table with pieces that vary in height. Geometric glass terrarium, hurricane vases, crystal or ceramic vase, candlesticks and decorative candles will impart a variation to your whole coffee table setting.

In Good Shape
To give an added character, on a rectangular table place a circular tray or a rectangular tray on a circular or oval table. Rummage your antique collection to look for some quirky pieces to go with the tray. A piece of coral, a bowl full of glass sweets, globular centerpiece are a few examples to follow.

Every stroke of paint, every yard of upholstery and of course, every piece of furniture reveals your character. So, go ahead borrow these tips; nonetheless, listen to your instincts and showcase your personality to your family and friends.

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  • Ellon L