The Rich History of Sideboards and Buffets


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Sideboard, also known as buffet, is a piece of furniture commonly used in dining room of every household.

Sideboards are mostly used to store dining room essentials such as cutlery, dishes, glasses and more. Typically, they have drawers and cabinets and a raised back, often with a mirror set into it.

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The History of Sideboard

The sideboards have a very interesting history. The sideboard is believed to have entered into a dining room in the 16th Century. Prior to its invention, shelves and narrow tables used to be a predominant way of serving food.

However, sideboards and buffets became increasingly popular across the European continent, and by the late 18th century, they were beginning to appear in the British dining rooms as well.

Today, modern sideboards and buffets are used at a variety of places including living room, bedrooms and halls.

Types of Sideboards

 18th Century Sideboards18th Century Sideboards

The sideboards in the late 18th century used to have curved tops and thin, tapered legs. This meant they had much larger storage space on the sides than on the middle, which made them look like desks.

Victorian SideboardsVictorian Sideboards

Victorian sideboards carried the unique styles and decorations of the Victorian era. They used to be large, heavy and equipped with a lot of storage space. They used to be unique and fashionable with mirrors built right into their vertical panel behind the display surface. Moreover, they had organic patterns and decorations of mythical scenes with Egyptian, gothic, classical details.

Chinese SideboardsChinese Sideboards

Chinese Sideboards were popular during the Victorian times as well as in the 20th century. They featured perpendicular lines and had circular or rectangular iron/bronze hinges and pulls. Moreover, they used to have a black or reddish glossy finish.

Rustic SideboardsRustic Sideboards

The middle class families during the 20th century possessed fashionable and heavily ornamented sideboards while people in the rural areas would have smaller sideboards made of out oak or pine. They were simple and didn’t have as many noticeable features. Some of those furniture pieces can still be found today.

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