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Trends in Furniture Stores San Francisco Area

A person’s lifestyle and characteristics are portrayed by the way they live. Every object placed in any corner of the house or office reflects the owner’s taste and imagination. Bringing in articles for home or office is not just about comfort and utility, it is about designing and making your place lovable and turning it into your private paradise. Adapting to changing trends of interior designing is also an instinctive reaction of a person who finds bliss in decorating and designing.

San Francisco, one of the favorite shopping spots among the residents of California has a diverse population which tends to follow versatile stylizing patterns for their living space. Every nook and corner of the city as well as the peripheral places has different sets of people with diverse mindsets and a completely different living environment. To suit the requirements of both the urban and the suburban population, the furniture stores in San Francisco area have warehouses teeming with a wide variety of furniture collection. Here are some of the styles that are quite prominent over the San Francisco area.

Contemporary Style

contemporary-style-homesThis particular furniture design idea has invaded most of the homes and offices nowadays. The contemporary style is characterized by simplicity and comfort. These décor items are quite simple but elegant and exhibit sophistication. This style does not allow the use of intricate carvings and complicated patterns. These furniture pieces are mostly geometric in shape and are either finished or colored with shades like white, brown, beige, latte etc. Metals, fiberglass and aluminum are important ingredients which bring out the natural look in the artifacts. Following a clean and minimalist design, this type of décor is prevalent among the rich urban class.

Traditional Style

Traditional-Style-Bedroom-FurnitureThis line of furniture is more about looking elegant and majestic. Covered with intricate and detailed designs on mostly dark wood, traditional style is synonymous to ornamental furniture. The delicately sculpted artifacts are made of dark wood and ornate carvings and give the feel of vintage furniture. Queen Anne, Chippendale etc are the most common ones that carry the real essence of traditional furniture.

Cottage Style

country-style-kitchenImplemented in suburban homes or sprawling farmhouses, the cottage style carries the fragrance and grace of antique furniture. Country styles usually comprise of light shades of wood, vintage fabrics, painted artifacts and muted colors. Wood being the basic constituent of cottage pattern designing is weather finished and every minute detail of the room is matched to the furniture.

Other Exotic Decors

Apart from the above mentioned furniture types; there is a small section of décor item that though less adapted, is preferred by a good number of people. For example the urban home styling even if not a highly classified concept of furniture designing, is followed by a large part of the population in San Francisco. This pattern molds modernism with a minimalistic approach by using black finish and aluminum, so that the décor fits and matches small apartments. On the other hand, transitional furniture is the amalgamation of graceful traditional style and the comfort of contemporary.

We at All world furniture have established our reputation in the San Francisco area as one of the largest furniture stores offering exclusive contemporary furniture in exotic styles and colors. Over the decade we have become a favorite furniture hub among the bay area residents with our timely services and premium quality artifacts. If you are looking for high quality contemporary furniture to stylize your homes and offices,  All world furniture is your one-stop resource.

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How to Choose the Right Sofa from a Furniture Store in San Francisco

When thinking about decorating your living room, the first furniture that comes to mind is probably the sofa. If your living room does not have a perfect sofa, it won’t look good or feel good even with the most beautiful accessories filling the room. It is this furniture that defines the style of your living room and sets the décor parameters.

So, before getting yourself a sofa or love seat from one of a sprawling furniture store in San Francisco, make sure you know what you want and how you want it to be. Here are some things that you need to consider in your mind before setting out for sofa shopping.


The first consideration that you need to make before entering the sofa section is “What base style you want to use for your living room décor?” Depending on this choice of yours, you will be able to decide on the rest of the factors. For example if you choose a contemporary décor, the colors, materials and the shape will be completely different from that of the traditional style. So, settling on a particular style will help you define the other constraints.


Once you have settled on a particular theme, select the right shape for the sofa or sectional. If it is a large room, a sectional will suit it best, but for a cozier and smaller living space love seats are always a better choice, since they do not make the room feel congested. Choosing a particular shape will change the entire appearance of the room. There are soft couches, sharp edged bold sectionals and the traditional English sofas, each having an aura of its own to suit your personality, lifestyle and taste. However, instead of choosing from the available patterns, you can switch to customized designing thus bringing your thoughts alive.


Selecting the material while buying furniture is a matter of concern since you will not buy furniture frequently. The sofa you get for yourself, should be sturdy and durable to last for a considerable period of time.  Moreover, if you have outdoor living room, getting the right item becomes even more essential. Make sure that you get a sofa which can withstand extreme weather conditions and the sun rays.

Fabric or Leatherette

While choosing a sofa, considering the type of fabric is very essential. If you want to bring a classy and sophisticated look to your living room, elegant leather couches and sectionals are the incomparable options. But if you are decorating your room based on a modern mid-century fashion, then wooden sofas with velvet fabric covered seating is the right idea.


Sofas made of dark oak and bold colored contemporary sectionals perfectly fit a spacious living room, but are perceived as cluttered when placed in a comparatively smaller and enclosed room. Also, the leatherette shade should compliment the wall colors. Darker and bold shades will not look good with dark colored wallpapers. For example if you have creamy wall paper. You should better go for stark yet bold combinations like black sofa with white cushions or shades of maroon.

All world furniture has been a leading contemporary furniture store in the San Francisco area for more than a decade. If you are looking for contemporary patterns in love seats, sofas or sectionals, this is the best decision you can make. We are a household name among the Bay Area residents for our excellent customer service and timely deliveries.


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Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Custom Sectional Sofa

Do you have cats at home which keep clawing at your sofa? Or, kids who are even messier? Then, I am sure you will have a lot of problem deciding the right fabric for your brand new sectional sofa settee.

While leather is a choice for most when it comes to custom sectionals, I think you need to reconsider it depending upon your purpose. Whether your new sofa is meant for décor or is more utilitarian will be the determinant factor for choosing the fabric. Here are some major and common fabric selections which could be the one for you. Take a look and find the best for your living room.


If you have pets at home, Microfiber is just the thing for you. It’s closely woven fibers do not allow hair to stick to it. Moreover, it has a soft and smooth texture which is comfortable for lounging around all day. For families with little kids up their shoulder, microfiber makes a reasonable choice with its low maintenance attributes and easy cleaning procedure.


Leather sectional sofa is all about class, décor and sophistication. While it is a great choice for a place with kids who spill stuff a lot and pets that shed a lot, it is an absolute “no” for homes with pets that have a tendency to scratch things. Leather, though expensive can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Faux Leather

Choose faux leather when you want sophistication within your budget. Faux leather sofa fabric is more resistant to pests and durable compared to actual leather. It is less expensive and is as soft as leather and definitely a great substitute for leather.


Chenille is softer and elegant in appearance. It is also more durable than most other sofa fabrics available. So, it satisfies both décor and utility of a sofa without undermining any of them.

Rayon Blend

Rayon when mixed with fabrics like cotton, wool or silk, it becomes soft and comfortable. To some extent a rayon blend fabric is also durable until and unless it is exposed to tedious wear and tear. However, it is mild dew and fade resistant. If you do not have much use for a sectional sofa except for décor, then rayon blends prove to be an economic choice.


Get an acrylic fabric sofa if you want a cost effective yet commendable settee. It is durable, wrinkle free, stain and fade resistant.Moreover, it is an affordable choice. You can also lounge in this sofa as its fibers resemble wool and are consequently very soft and smooth to touch.


Silk is a rare choice, nevertheless the richest and most sophisticated option. Select it only if you can afford something that expensive and maintain it. Though quite soft, silk is meant for mild use and not for everyday uses. Choose it for a living room which is rarely inhabited.

Having said this, you can look for yourself and surf through All World Furniture’s Exclusive Collection of Sectional Sofas upholstered in high quality Microfiber and Italian Leather.

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Visit Our San Jose Showroom to Create Your Custom Sofa in 5 Easy Steps!

Visit Our Showroom to Create Your Custom Sofa in 5 Easy Steps!

All World Custom Sofa Showroom
981 Stockton Ave
San Jose, Ca 95110
Call: 408.292.6833

So many custom sofa styles & options mean endless possibilities for your sofa & chairs.


With 25 style collections and hundreds of configurations you'll not have trouble finding a style and look to suit your fashion sense.


A custom sofa provides every option you require without the headache of trying seemingly endless sofas. You’ll find size options to fit your home’s footprint ideally, from large custom sectional sofa to apartment size custom couches, the size and modular configuration is up to you.

All styles feature the option to increase or decrease the standard length & depth of each piece. Please ask your sales professional for sizing options & pricing.

All styles may be ordered as a sectional in custom sizes for a perfect fit for your space.


Select at "no charge" the seat cushion & back pillow configuration that best suits your style or comfort level.

Each cushion quality (Standard, 2.0 HR, or LIFETIME) is available in your choice of soft, medium, or firm comfort levels. All seat cushions feature a Kodel fiber wrap around the foam core. Optional fully-channeled envelopes that surround the core are filled with either Trillium (synthetic down) or 10/90 (down & goose feather filling) for the ultimate in seating comfort.

Choose from Standard Polyester-Fiber fill, or upgrade to either Trillium (synthetic down) or 10/90 (down & goose feathers) on any back cushion or accent pillow for a far more plush, cozy feel.


Our upholstery options are exciting and numerous with choices of fine fabrics or top grain leather in a myriad of neutrals and eye-popping hues in solids and patterns. Choose the textile to suit your style and persona whether it be laid-back casual or posh luxury, you control the creation of your perfect sofa.


Select from a wide range of finishes from our Standard Collection or our exclusive Premium Designer Collection on any leg or base style.

Nail trim may be added to most styles in a choice of finishes. Please contact your sales professional for more information about application & pricing options.

Start Customizing

Our custom sofa San Francisco showroom lets you try before you order, so you will get seating with all the comfort you desire. Our 11,500-square-foot San Jose showroom is home to more than 100 of the world’s leading brands in designer modern home and office furniture, lighting, and accessories.

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