There are many of them. And they are all unmistakeably Calligaris. Highly creative accessories that complete a space with their simple elegance. Sober and classic, or colourful and non-conformist, never over the top, always able to attract attention and stand out, spreading their own light and adding an extra touch to floors, ceilings, furniture, walls, corners that were, until now, overlooked.

Rugs, vases, storage, covers, cushions. glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, fabric, cork. And all the colours and finishes you could ever want. calligaris accessories are never designed to be just a small detail.



Shelves: fixed movement. "This isn’t a shelf”.
Much more than a supporting platform,
it is a dynamic, aesthetic symbol.


A personality of design that helps create a classy office area inside the home, ideal for a corner of the living room, perfect for a personal study.


Transparent and opaque, glass and ceramic, neutral and colorful tones, the Calligaris vases are an irreplaceable accessory in every room of the house.


Mirrors: a double decoration.


Chief of the modern decorations are the Calligaris centerpiece with beautiful, smooth and embossed finishes.

Other accessories

Colorful, simple, sophisticated, the Calligaris accessories add a touch of style to your home. The details make the difference.