Interior lighting is fundamental to the expression of a home that is able to convey the style and sophistication of its inhabitants, an essential tool to ensure the right utilization of space and giving a contemporary style to all environments.

Classic, technological, exceedingly large. Artistic creations that decorate, creating pools of light for an evocative atmosphere, somewhere between illumination and meditation, also playing with shadows.


Suspension lamps

Our suspension lamps range from the semi-spherical aluminum shape to the essential blown white glass structure for distinct and minimal environments.

Floor lamps

Soft and modern shapes to decorate your living room, create a workspace, or to enrich an open space.

Table lamps

Our table lamps offer distinct style with the ability to adapt elegantly to every element of the home.

Sideboards, wardrobes, shelves and library compartments to support, organize, furnish and personalize your home.