Home office tables and chairs: houseworks

This home is not an office. Or is this office not a home? Multifunctional tables and chairs that break the old definitions.

Fine geometries, soft lines and original colors: the work area becomes elegant and refined, always in harmony with the home design.

Desks that combine agile metal structures with welcoming wooden floors, metal swivel chairs both polypropylene and pvc, adaptable to every need: the office becomes a creative and dynamic space.


Home office chairs

Ideal solutions for the workplace, perfect items and remarkable versatility to fill the area with grace and good taste.

Home office tables

A personality of design that helps create a classy office area inside the home, ideal for a corner of the living room, perfect for a personal study.

Home office storage

Modular shapes and colors to mix and customize your home office or your professional space.

Sideboards, wardrobes, shelves and library compartments to support, organize, furnish and personalize your home.